Do You Want More Patients for your Dental Practice?

Of course you do but don’t try to go it alone!

As a busy dentist, your time is much better spend treating patients rather than trying to find new ones.

So how can you make sure that the diary stays full and still be able to spend as much time as possible carrying out treatments?

Introducing the Dental Practice Marketing Machine – an automated marketing system that is suitable for any size or type of practice and which will deliver new patient bookings at an affordable cost.

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Make sure you get your share of new dental patient bookings in your local area


Don’t Try To Go It Alone

We know that most dental practice owners just don’t have the time to spend on marketing their practice- so we’ve come up with a way of doing it for you!

It’s called the Dental Practice Marketing Machine and it will work for you,  24/7, to acquire new leads, process and nurture those leads and follow up on them as necessary until they turn into real live patients.

Don’t leave it to chance

You can be sure that at least some of your competitors have a strategy in place to capture potential new dental patients from the Internet.

We know that thousands of searches take place every month by people who are actively researching dental services – not all of these will turn into patients- but many will.

We Will Save You Time and Money and Help You Beat Your Competition

The Dental Practice Marketing Machine

An ‘out-of-the-box’ solution which only needs minor tailoring to instantly suit your practice.

Great Looking Ads

These ads can be laser-targeted to just the groups of people that you want to attract.

Target by age, location, gender and many more – mix and match, get your offer in front of the right people at the right time. All done for you, ready to run, pumping new enquiries into your inbox.

Landing Page Perfection

When you get an enquiry it’s important to give the enquirer all the information they need, quickly and in one place!

When someone finds you, no matter how it happens, it is essential to give them the information they need in order to make a decision and make an appointment with your dental practice – not your competitor’s!

You’ll get a sequence of specially designed pages (known in the marketing business as “landing pages”, to do this, each with a “call to action” to help them to decide to become your next, new, patient!

Effective Email Responses

For every stage of the process, sent at the right time, 24/7 automatically!

Every enquiry will get an initial response, no-matter when it occurs, whether you are working, playing or sleeping the Dental Practice Marketing Machine keeps in touch with your prospective patients, gently moving them forward in the process until they make an appointment.

Here’s What You Get:

Competitor Analysis & Strategy

This comprises a thorough review of what people in your area search for when they are considering dental services. With this information we can assess how visible YOU are online and who your chief competitors are. This is measured by whose website is receiving the most visits as a result of these searches. We will also be able to tell you what your competitors are spending on online advertising and which ads are the most successful for them.

Once we understand your competition and what you want to achieve, we agree a strategy and plan with some clear objectives.

Advertising Campaigns

We will advise on the best type of advertising campaign to run (whether on Facebook, Google, Twitter or other source of traffic) and we will set this up using our ready to run ads which cover people looking for:

  • Emergency Dentistry
  • Cosmetic/Aesthetics
  • Implants
  • Orthodontics

You can decide which ones are appropriate.

Landing Pages


We will provide you with ready-to-go landing pages. These are where people are taken when they click on a link or button in an advert. These will be specifically tailored to attract the type of patient you are looking for. We have also designed a range of free offers which you can use or adapt that encourages people to give you their email address. Once you have this your have an active ‘lead’ which we can then follow-up.

Automated Email Follow-up


This is where the magic happens. Once a potential patient has shared their email address, we help you make sure they are followed-up in an appropriate and helpful way. We have a library of automated email campaigns that ensure your potential patients are targeted with information about your services, tailored to only what they have expressed an interest in. The beauty is that it is all totally automated, once it’s set up you don’t ever have to worry about missing an enquiry or email.

It is widely accepted that it takes around 7 “touches” before a prospective customer actually makes the decision to buy – your Dental Practice Marketing Machine will nurture each and every lead it acquires and ensure that the prospective customer is exposed to your dental services as many times as is necessary to bring them to a buying decision.

Most people who run ads to generate leads give up on a prospect if they do not press the “Buy” button straight away – a massive mistake that costs them a fortune in wasted advertising budget.

Your Dental Practice Marketing Machine is pre-programmed to deliver sequences of messages and offers to gently guide the prospect towards making the right decision and signing up for a course of dental treatment with you

Reporting & Analysis

We also provide reports and analysis so that you can see how it’s going. We also provide advice and guidance if things need adjustment e.g. if once of your competitors changes tack. Our aim is to keep you as the most visible dental practice online in your area.


The Dental Practice Marketing Machine

In a nutshell:

  • Fully automated lead generation

  • Automatic response and follow-up to all online enquiries

  • Completely ‘done-for-you’ system

  • Ready-written materials including:

    • ad copy

    • email copy

    • landing pages

    • social media