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As a busy dentist, your time is much better spend treating patients rather than trying to find new ones.

So how can you make sure that the diary stays full and still be able to spend as much time as possible carrying out treatments?

Introducing the Dental Practice Marketing Machine – an automated marketing system that is suitable for any size or type of practice and which will deliver new patient bookings at an affordable cost.

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We will show you the latest digital marketing techniques to acquire new dental patients, with very little time and effort needed from you!

About Us

We provide in-depth digital marketing expertise and execution for small businesses specialising in medical and professional service firms. As well as being certified Google Partners, we’re also UK certified partners of U.S. based Digital Marketer – and marketing automation software leaders, Infusionsoft. Steve, one of our founders worked for Google for seven years and has helped literally thousands of small businesses get visible online, find leads and convert them into paying customers.


Visibility Engineering

Visibility Engineering is a concept that Steve developed as a result of his seven years with Google as a campaign strategist, working on hundreds of campaigns from small and simple to large and complex.

Realising visibility is the biggest challenge facing dental practices where a simple pay-per-click campaign is now not enough, he pioneered using a range of mix-and-match digital marketing techniques to fit every size and type of practice. This is what Visibility Engineering is all about.

Pay-Per-Click Implementation

Pay Per Click is no longer the sole domain of Google and its Adwords service, with an ever increasing number of players in the PPC and Paid Traffic game.

With Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest – (to name but a few) joining the fray, never has it been easier to waste precious advertising budget! After careful competitor analysis, we advise on the right platforms and mix of activities to ensure that every advertising pound is made to count to get you those precious new patient enquiries.

Sales Funnel Design & Implementation

Every business has a sales funnel – they might not call it that but they have one nonetheless, this includes dental practices! However, for most businesses it is a tedious and manual process that often doesn’t get done as well as it should do.

We specialise in designing and implementing sales funnels for dental practices which often involves helping clients understand exactly what they want to achieve online as well as assisting with automating the process using tools such as Infusionsoft.



Beat Your Competition

We help you discover who your online competition is, and what they are doing to get new patient referrals. With this knowledge you can compete effectively and make sure you get the lion’s share.


Keep Potential Patients Engaged

Potential new patients may not decide to book an appointment the first time they find you online. Our proven techniques keep you in touch with them, so that when they’re ready, you are at the forefront of their minds.


Save Time and Money

Our fully automated solution means you can get maximum returns for minimum effort. We have lots of experience with dental practices and lots of creative ideas and pre-written copy ready to go. So we can be fast and efficient.